The one occasion when you want the whole world-of those who matter-to be there, sharing your happiness, as you tie the knot with your partner in matrimony.



Signifying family, festivities, rituals, ceremonies, love, camaraderie, the gathering of friends, acquantances and well-wishers -a Life Event made memorable to all you near and dear ones.


25+ Cities strong




What we do

PurpleKnot prepares you to enable the participation of your near and dear ones living across the world
by streaming the weddings LIVE, as they happen, to your chosen audience. This is a PurpleStream convergence initiative.

Our Services

THE moment. When you become man and wife. In the temple, church, synagogue, hall, home, any destination of your choice. When time stands still as everyone around rejoices in the union. An event where the joy is directly proportional to the people watching and emanating powerful positive vibes. An occasion where more the merrier is the norm.

You would like to get married in your hometown in India. Your family and friends however are a Diaspora across the globe from Australia to America and many more in between. Travel and logistics for everyone is unviable. You are assured the company of some near and dear ones. And the rest? PurpleKnot’s Live Streaming is at hand.

PurpleKnot will cover the event and any related events that you wish – sangeet, reception, anything at all and stream this live to your chosen and invited audience anywhere in the world. All you have to do is send an email with your personalised PurpleKnot microwebsite address link (eg. www.purpleknot/

The recipient audience access the internet on any device – computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, click on the link, enter their credentials for secure access, view an audio/video invite that you have uploaded on the microsite, and join the event – live or deferred (depending on the audience time zone and their availability at the time). It’s almost as good as being there!

We provide you these exclusive features


Guests love interacting with one another on this occasion especially as many of them meet each other after eons.

Our bespoke Chat application allows them to chat with any/all registered guests who are online. They can opt for a video chat or text chat as individuals or in a group.

Wedding Notes

You have the option of setting a background music score which will be

played for your guests as they watch the event live or deferred, thereby enhancing the experience and blurring the lines between real and virtual.

Photo Album

Your PurpleKnot microsite is truly yours – you can upload all/any of your

photos into this site. We don’t just limit the site to what we do for you, but allow you to import photos from your files to create a memorable album.

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